The Huntarian Museum

The Huntarian Museum

This is an image I took of an aborted baby featured in the Huntarian Museum (London). I find it very disturbing but somewhat interesting! Seeing a baby in this environment is incredibly moving as it is out of the ordinary. When you look at it, it is as if you are waiting for it to blink.


‘The Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons over the last two hundred years has boasted renowned collections of human anatomy and pathology as well as natural history and works of art.

This bicentenary exhibition asks who took care of them, where and how were they displayed, who visited them and what role does the museum play in surgical education today?

Discover how these diverse objects have informed the medical world and fascinated illustrious visitors from medics to monarchs. See hidden objects brought out of our stores and cutting edge medical models crafted by those working behind the scenes both then and now, continuing two centuries of medical museum tradition.

Exhibition entry is free of charge.
Open Tuesday – Saturday, 10am–5pm.”


The original story of Alice in (1865) is already has somewhat of a sinister feel behind it, let alone this interpretation by Něco z Alenky. It feels like the artists nightmare brought to life, influenced by Alice in Wonderland.

National Theatre Costume

Today I spent the day searching the NT costume archives for costume items for the photographic brief.

I was finding it difficult to find an Adam ant style jacket so I thought this place surely would have something suitable. It was an amazing experience with so much to look at. I could have spent weeks in there!







Laser Cutting Workshp

Today I had a very interesting worship on laser cutting. We were given the task of selecting a typeface. In my case I chose Mesquite Std Medium. We then had to adjust the kerning and tracking if the words so that they became a single object ready to be cut. The typeface I chose has very tiny elaborate details which I thought would look beautiful cut in Perspex. At first I thought the laser wouldn’t be able to handle such detail, so I ran a few tests to make sure. Here is the final typeface. I think I have done a very good job manipulating the type to form a single object and is just the right size for the machine to cut.



Final Logo Design


This is my final logo design. It represents someone attaining an F grade in being inarticulate and confused about the subject. The images that came to me were confusion, confused marks, randomness, speech bubbles. I had many Ideas but I felt this one, once fully developed, summed up the idea of failing at being articulate. This logo design also received the greatest amount of positive response from peers.